Artificial intelligence” the name itself is revealing that it is the technology which is endowed with intelligence processes. Artificial Intelligence (AI) can be described as the ability of machines to take decisions of their own. Therefore, another name for Artificial Intelligence is Machine intelligence.

The term “Artificial intelligence” was introduced in the year of 1956 and advent of this technology was acknowledged with positive response. Challenges faced by the artificial Intelligence while programming some vital features of the computer are:

  • Reasoning

  • Planning

  • Problem Solving

  • Perception

  • Ability to change the position of object

With the help of Artificial intelligence it is possible to make a machine act like a human, but to achieve this it is required for the fed ample amount of information related to the real world to the machine.

Why Artificial Intelligence?

As we all know that due to increasing daily task and reduced available free time to people it is becoming a necessity to automate most of the machines. By implementing the AI technique, various processes and tasks can be completed in a fraction of seconds without putting human efforts.

Application of AI

Chatbots :

It is a kind of software that can do the conversation with the users in natural language by using the websites, mobile apps, etc. Chatbots are the new promising features for various industries to indulge a more customer with their industry by putting little cost of customer service.


As there are abundant amount of products are available on E-commerce site so to search a desired project online is not an easy task. But thank to Artificial intelligence which make this difficult task possible. With the help of AI we can search any product of any size, color and shape.


Artificial intelligence has played the pivotal role in improving the precision level for making decisions in the health care sector. This would in turn reduce the mortality rate and increase the healthy environment in surrounding.


AI technique can help us to make this digital world safer, but some risks are also associated with this technique. AI will protect the data from malicious attacks.