Wake up!! The latest version of Android has been released. So let me introduce you to- Android 9 pie

This has been brought up with even smarter functionalities especially tailored to you. You can see more sizzling features in this update that will make you spellbound. This version of Android will make your phone learn from you and work according to you – making your phone smarter as you use it.

Carry on reading if you want to dive inside the Android 9 Pie!!

Navigate with Quick Gestures

Now smarter and quicker is the new definition for your phone. The tailored navigation system will make use of a pill-shaped single home button on your phone screen.

  • One tap to Home Screen

Glad to know that moving back to the Home screen from deep inside any app is as easy as pie!! You can access the Home screen of your phone directly with just a single tap on the pill-shaped button at the bottom of your screen.

  • Swipe Pill-button for Recent Apps

No more dedicated button to access your recent applications. Update on Android version has made it simpler. Swipe up the Home button and get a glance on full-screen previews of your recently accessed apps.

  • Switch with a Swipe

Our various tasks need to have frequent switch between two applications. No worries! Swipe the pill button on the screen and switch easily between two applications.

Elongated Battery Life

Pie contributes to elongating battery’s life. By using Machine Learning technology in this android version, our mobile phone starts adapting our apps usage pattern. So, our apps which we are not going to use for a long will automatically move to the sleep mode- saving unnecessary battery consumption. The adaptive Battery feature is a one step further in improving the battery performance. Adaptive Brightness is another feature introduced in a box of automatic management. You can go to the setting panel and make your phone learn your preferred brightness during different context.

Go Smarter with App Action

Predicts and Suggest! It is something that you will love. All new your Android Pie is capable to predict what you want to do the next on the basis of your actions and context. After this, suggestion will be displayed on your phone screen.

Let’s take an example and make it more simple for you. If you plug in your earphones, then rather than suggesting apps to play music it will suggest you play the song which was last added in your playing list. Isn’t it cooler!!

Take Care of your Well-being

Don’t get surprised because this is true. We all so addicted to our mobile phone that if we want to stay away from it a while, then it will be very difficult for us. Some researchers have shown that excessive use of mobile phones will lead to health issues. To make a balance between your health and technology usage, Pie has offered new features- Digital well-being

  • Dashboard to check the time you have spent on your apps

  • App Timer to set the limit on using a particular app.

  • Do Not Disturb to stop all unnecessary pop-ups on your screen.

  • Wind Down to fade down your screen during bedtime.

These all are amazing, right? But what’s more surprising is the ongoing list of Android 9 pie features. So don’t hesitate!! Call us right now and get the free session with the Android App development expert at Binary Data.